The GRID race cars race around in the images and in the Launch Trailer


The English developers of Codemasters deceive waiting for racing game fans to release GRID on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by publishing a new image gallery and video that launches the #LikeNoOther promotional campaign.

In recent months, the Codies have intervened several times to illustrate in detail the interventions carried out to give shape to this project which, in the intentions of its authors, promises to overcome the critical aspects of the previous chapters and to offer a richer and deeper gaming experience , while remaining in the furrow traced by past episodes.

In an attempt to find the perfect balance between realism and immediacy, the British authors made use of the collaboration with Fernando Alonso to reconstruct the driving model based on the suggestions of the former Formula One champion: as a result of this laborious development path, the new GRID will boast a total of 104 events, 80 routes and many cars divided by category. All supported by a wide range of multiplayer modes and, for those who love to compete in single-player, from the Nemesis system, the CPU responsible for managing the driving behaviour of the 400 virtual drivers present in the title.

Before leaving you with the images and the GRID launch video, we remind you that the ambitious Codemasters driving game will be available starting October 11th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with the next landing on Stadia coinciding with the opening of the new Google in-game streaming service which, here in Italy, is scheduled for November.