Yakuza Like a Dragon: the character classes explained in detail


As we told you a few days ago, in Yakuza Like a Dragon, the seventh chapter of Nagoshi’s successful saga, the first without Kazuma Kiryu as the protagonist, the character classes will be introduced for the first time > a> <. Sega has revealed them now in more detail: let’s see what it is.

There will be four classes to choose from: Dancer, Fortuneteller, Riot Police Officer, and Idol.

Choosing the first one will have a fast, agile, and focused dance style. The dancer is phenomenal in battles against multiple enemies because using breakdance can do a lot of damage to many opponents at the same time.

The Fortuneteller represents instead what the magician would be in the GDRs. It is a character with rather weak physical characteristics, so he must fight mainly at a distance, but with very powerful psychic powers. Thanks to his crystal ball he can summon curses and negative effects on his enemies, for example, and do very high damage to his opponents.

The Riot Police Officer represents instead the tank, the paladin, the knight, in short, one of the most classic characters of the GDR. It is very powerful and has a high defense value, so it is more appropriate to choose this class for characters with poorer physical characteristics, in order to strengthen them.

Finally, there is the Idol, a class exclusively reserved for female characters, which can recall a sort of priestess in the RPG: singing, in fact, takes care of her allies and damages and distracts the enemies. A rather versatile class, useful both in attacks and as a healing character.

In Yakuza Like a Dragon, Ichiban Kasuga and his allies can change classes from time to time, going to Hello Work on the Yakuza 7 game map. Each class will have a Rank, which will increase as they gain experience in battle: the more the rank of their class increases, the more techniques will be possible to learn. Moreover, one’s experience and rank are transferable, so by changing classes you will have the techniques available for the level you had reached in the previous class. A way to learn to master all the various techniques more easily.

Yakuza Like a Dragon will arrive on PlayStation 4 on January 16, 2020, in Japan, while in Europe and North America, by 2020.