FIFA 20: EA Sports has escaped the data of as many as 1600 players


As we have promptly pointed out, serious problems occurred at the opening of the registrations for the FIFA 20 Global Series, ie the eSports competitions open to everyone – with 3 million dollars up for grabs – which will be a prelude to the FIFA eWorld Cup of the next year.

Apparently, during the registration phase, the data of some users who had already entered their information became publicly visible. A huge (and unacceptable) security hole, which has exposed the personal data of numerous players. Once aware of the situation, EA Sports immediately proceeded to close the registration page, identify the problem and resolve it. The damage, however, had already been done.

With an official statement, the company apologized once again and stated that the players potentially involved in this issue are 1600. He also said he got in touch with everyone to make sure their EA Accounts are secured. Meanwhile, the recordings for the FIFA 20 Global Series have been interrupted, but EA Sports has assured that the page will be reopened in the next days (without security flaws).

Meanwhile, FIFA 20 received the Title Update 2, which solved several bugs and changed the behaviour of goalkeepers. The players, however, continue to loudly ask for improvements to FIFA 20’s career, plagued by numerous problems.