Fortnite: Ninja and TSM Reverse2k set a new world record for the Duo

Fortnite: Season 9 Will Be the Best Ever Ninja Second

On 2 October last, the famous Tyler ” Ninja ” Blevins and the pro player Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner – a militant in the SoloMid Team – teamed up and started a broadcast with only one goal: to break the record of consecutive wins in Fortnite’s Duo mode. Guess what: they succeeded!

The two, at the end of an endless session that brought them to the end of their strength, managed to win the beauty of 43 games in a row, setting the new world record. It is true that they have played in public games, and not in a purely competitive environment, but it is also an exceptional result, since, according to the testimony of the spectators, they have never employed a wait-and-see tactic and have always thrown themselves at headlong into clashes, touching defeat more than once. The previous world record was held at da Siqqza, stopped at 42 Duo games won consecutively. It will be really difficult to overcome the result of Ninja and TSM Reverse2k!

At the bottom of the news, you will find a clip, lived from the perspective of Reverse2k, which shows the exultation of the two when they broke the previous record. We also take this opportunity to remind you that Fortnite Season 11 has been postponed for a few days. His start will be preceded by a new big in-game event, the details of which are currently unknown.