Pokémon Sword and Shield: the team had thought of replacing the turn-based battles

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Turn-based battles are one of the cornerstones of video games featuring PokémonSpada and Scudo will certainly not be an exception, proposing a combat system in line with the dictates of the series. However, it seems that this fixed point has been seriously questioned during the development of the two new games …

During an interview granted to Game Informer in the context of the extensive coverage on Pokémon Sword and Shield, Kazumasa Iwao revealed that during the processing the team – composed of over 1,000 people – had considered abandoning the traditional system of turn-based combat. The director, unfortunately, did not disclose what they intended to replace him, but suppose a real-time system was considered, which would allow the coaches to control and move the little monsters freely on the battlefield.

That of the combat system was not the only aspect questioned: Game Freak also evaluated the possibility of modifying the number of moves available to Pokémon. The idea, however, was abandoned in order not to alter the balance of the game: “If the Pokémon could learn 5 or more moves, then many of them would be able to literally do everything. It would become very difficult to predict your opponent’s actions “since it would have a lot of possibilities. I think this would hurt the gameplay a bit. At the same time, if we reduced the number of moves in a range of 1 to 3, then we would begin to see Pokémon much stronger than the Others: We have retraced our steps and understood that four is the perfect number for the moment “.

What do you think? Would you like to play a main Pokémon title with a different combat system? Remember that Spada and Scudo will arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch on November 15th. The news will certainly not be lacking: in addition to the Dynamax and the Gigamax Pokémon, auto-rescue will also be included, an absolute novelty for the series.