Death Stranding: our choices can influence the fate of NPCs

Death Stranding:

Hideo Kojima recently visited Moscow to attend Russia Comic-Con. During the trip, the game director had the opportunity to share interesting detail on his next title.

According to Reddit, in a panel held at the Garage Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, Kojima discussed the impact that the player’s actions will have on the world of Death Stranding. In particular, a specific NPC was quoted, whose fate could change in relation to Sam’s actions. The interaction with the latter takes place in the initial phases of the adventure and therefore, Kojima reports, will be a mandatory step.

In detail, we talk about an old and sick man who needs a supply of medicine, which Sam is able to deliver. After completing the quest, the player can choose to continue to bring periodic supplies to the man, perhaps taking advantage of listening to him tell some stories about the past. However, Sam’s journey will take the player further and further away from the residence of this NPC and it could happen to forget about it for a while. However, leaving the character without medicine for an excessively long period of time could cause death.

From this passage, the possible impact that the player’s actions could have on the fate of some NPCs present in the game world emerges, an interesting detail in the framework of gameplay of Death Stranding. The new IP of Kojima Productions will arrive on PS4 on November 8th: before then, the public will be able to view the launch trailer of Death Stranding, currently in progress.