Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: how to unlock the exotic deity of the Godhead

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Last night was a very important evening for all Destiny 2 players: Shadows from the Deep not only because of the debut of the Garden of Salvation but also for the arrival of the Vex on the Moon and the possibility of starting the new exotic enterprise of the Divinity.

To start the quest that will get you to get the new raid’s laser rifle, you’ll have to go for a ride on the lunar soil. First, reach the Port of Torment and look for a red bridge south of this area of ​​the Moon. Beyond pass the bridge until you reach an area not present on the map and called “Lunar Battlefield” . Once you arrive in this huge open space, head to the left immediately, where you will find the entrance to a small cave. Proceed to the end of the tunnel and then find yourself in a large room with a Vex portal at the bottom and numerous enemies. Eliminate every single Vex threat, including the dangerous Minotaur, who will drop an exotic engram when he dies. Collect the yellow object to add the feat to the screen, so you can start the long journey that will allow you to get the Divinity laser rifle.

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