Destiny 2: The Garden of Salvation raid has been completed

Destiny 2

The doors to the Garden of Salvation, a new raid introduced in Destiny 2 with the release of the Shadows from the Deep expansion, opened at 7:00 pm yesterday 5 October, and as easily imaginable thousands of players around the world faced the challenge head-on, many of them also broadcasting on Twitch.

It took about six hours, however, for the first team to beat the final boss, complete the raid and become the World First. To succeed first was the Ascend Clan, composed of Guardians Activist, Cyber, ExBlack, Monks, Narhzul and Pash. The announcement of Bungie, and therefore the officialization, arrived after the appropriate checks at 1:30 of last night. In the clip attached at the top of this news, you can watch for the time of completion, keeping in mind, however, that you could catch unavoidable spoilers.

And you, where are you? For the uninitiated, the Garden of Salvation raid has a recommended Power of 940 and is set in a place well known to all historical Destiny players, namely the Black Garden, once again threatened by the Vex. We are not going into the details further so as not to spoil the surprise. Addressing a raid for the first time is one of the most coveted pleasures by Destiny players, we know it all too well.