Fortnite 10: final event and Season 11 at the same time!

Fortnite 10

On the evening of yesterday, a countdown to Fortnite for the final event of Season 10 to be held on the evening of October 13th started. Everything is OK? Yes … if it weren’t for the start of Season 11 of the Battle Royale for the same day!

Epic Games, therefore, changes its policy and does not grant a “break” week between the end of Season 10 and the beginning of Season 11, both events will take place simultaneously on the evening of Sunday 13 October, the exact times are not yet been disclosed. There will, therefore, be no stop between the end of one season and the start of the other, Season 11 will start next Sunday, immediately after the end of Season 10.

We do not know if this modus operandi will become the standard for the future or if it is only a test or a choice due to the precise and specific needs of the development team or of the content programming, it is certain in any case that the day of October 13 will be particularly full of news and definitely challenging for Fortnite Battaglia Reale players!