Ninja on Mixer: few spectators but many agreements with sponsors

Ninja's Debut on Mixer

We know that one of the reasons that drove Ninja to leave Twitch was the armored nature of his contract with the platform, which made it difficult for Tyler to expand its brand to other sectors, making profitable agreements with partners and sponsors. Now the situation has changed, let’s see how!

At the moment Ninja is the most popular content creator on Mixer with 2.3 million followers, numbers far removed from those generated on Twitch, however the Ninja landing on the Microsoft service also convinced another successful streamer to land in that of Redmond, did increase the number of hours of gaming transmitted by 188% compared to the previous quarter. In total in the last three months, 32.6 million hours of gaming have been hosted on Mixer, but the spectators have not increased and indeed, there has been a decrease in the total hours of vision of 10.6%.

The analysis company Newzoo underlines how ” the arrival of Ninja and another creator on Mixer did not help to remove spectators from Twitch but surely brought a breath of fresh air to Microsoft’s accounts, with so much free publicity coming from interviews and numerous subscriptions carried out. “After leaving Twitch, Ninja became Adidas testimonial and made contracts in the merchandising and entertainment industry, signing to appear in TV series and movies.