Apex Legends, beyond Crypto: rumor suggests new characters coming!

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Respawn Entertainment ‘s home battle has recently seen the in-game debut of a new Legend. The new character Crypto has indeed entered during the Season 3 of Apex Legends.

According to a recent corridor entry, however, the development team may be planning to introduce several other Legends into the battle royale. To bring out this possibility is an alleged list of characters of Apex Legends that has found rapid spread on the net. The document, as you can see in the twitter that you find at the bottom of this news, would reveal the list of Legends being worked on at the Respawn studios.

In a section referred to as ” Production “, we find the already known Crypto, accompanied by Loba and Revenant. The latter had already attracted the attention of the data miner, including That1MiningGuy, which in the past have already discussed the possible skills of Revenant, known in the community also as Blackout. A second section referred to as ” Design Alpha” features Rampant and Valk. Finally, the third and final section, ” Future Characters “, includes four characters, including Blisk and Downfall.

In closing, we recall that the leak, as such, does not constitute official information and may, therefore, prove to be untrue. To find out what news actually awaits Apex Legends players in the future, all that remains is to wait patiently for updates from Respawn!