Apex Legends Halloween: in video coffers, camouflage and Lifeline Family Heirloom

Apex Legends Halloween

It really seems that the leaks concerning the Halloween-themed event of Apex Legends do not want to stop and, this time, the data miner even managed to create a video showing how the game menus will look like once the event has begun.

As you can see from the video attached to the news, the menu structure seems to be almost identical to what was seen with the Corona di Ferro event. In fact, special Apex Forces will be proposed that cannot contain any duplication but only one of the 24 exclusive aesthetic objects (12 epics and 12 legendaries). By getting hold of every single item among those proposed, you can also unlock the Lifeline Family Heirloom, or a set consisting of two electrified rods that you can equip to modify the animation of his melee attack, exactly as happened with Bloodhound’s ax and Wraith’s Kunai. Once the event is over, the object should then end up among the possible rare contents of the traditional Apex coffers, becoming a guaranteed drop for anyone who opens at least 400 for zero.

It is very likely that the event will also present free challenges, the completion of which will enable players to obtain at least a couple of chests of the event, within which they can hope to find one of the beautiful legendary skins like the clown one of Caustic or the monster Frankenstein of Gibraltar.

Before leaving you to the video showing all the contents in question, including the camouflage for weapons, we remind you that another leak could have revealed the names and appearance of the next Apex Legends heroes.

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