Call of Duty Mobile: how to play with the controller or with mouse and keyboard

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Although official controller support for Call of Duty Mobile has been removed, on Android it is still possible to play with the Timi Studio and Tencent shooter using the PS4 / Xbox One pad or mouse and keyboard. In this mini-guide, we explain how to do it.

Warning: official controller support has been suspended by Activision so as not to disadvantage players using touch controls. As we will see below, on Android it is still possible to use the pad or mouse and keyboard thanks to external apps. Since this is an unofficial and unplanned method for developers, we cannot tell you if the publisher will take action against those who will use the controller and mouse and keyboard to play Call of Duty Mobile online.

In the following mini-guide, we will only explain how to use these control devices in the game, for informational purposes only, without assuming any responsibility for any measures that Activision could take against the players who use them. We, therefore, invite you to follow these instructions with due caution.

How to use the controller in Call of Duty Mobile

On Android you can use the PS4 / Xbox One pad by following these steps (shown in the video at the top):

  • Go to Settings> Connected devices> Pair new device with the phone.
  • Put your PS4 or Xbox One controller in pairing mode by simultaneously holding down Share and Options on PS4, or by holding down the small sync button at the top left of the Xbox One pad. In either case, the lights on the pad will flash.
  • On your smartphone, they should appear as “Xbox wireless controller” or “PS4 wireless controller”.
  • Once you’ve matched everything, download the Octopus app from the Google Play Store.
  • When you open the app you will see a connected wireless controller.
  • In the app’s “My games” list, tap the plus sign and add Call of Duty Mobile.
  • Touch the icon and select “continue playing”. At this point, you may be asked to watch a brief announcement.
  • Tap “Fix”
  • Subsequently, Call of Duty Mobile will be started or you may need to start it yourself.
  • Start a game or play, and you will see a small blue octopus head protrude from the top of the screen. Touch it and select the “I know” option.
  • Now touch the “+” button in the menu to map keys, directional keys, and analog buttons as you see fit.
  • When finished, touch the white checkmark.

After completing these steps, you will be able to play Call of Duty Mobile on Android with the controller. Unfortunately, there is no similar method on iOS, since there are no third-party apps like Octopus, which is why it is impossible to use the PS4 or Xbox One pads on Apple devices.

How to use mouse and keyboard in Call of Duty Mobile

Using mouse and keyboard in Call of Duty Mobile is even easier: just play it directly on your PC, thanks to the Android Game Loop emulator. All you have to do is download Game Loop, install it on your PC, start the emulator and download Call of Duty Mobile, just as shown in the video at the bottom of the page.

Are you having fun with Activision and Tencent’s mobile shooter? Which control system do you prefer to play it with? Meanwhile, let’s remember that COD Mobile has exceeded 35 million downloads in just a few hours, doing better than any other first or third person game on the App Store and Google Play.