Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Will Hardpoints and other modes not be there one day?


Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a much-awaited title from shooter lovers, who will soon be able to get their hands on the reboot of one of the most beloved titles in the famous Activision saga. However, according to some rumors, one of the most played modes, Hardpoint, may not be available from day one.

TheGamingRevolution talked about it on Twitter, which also revealed the list of modes that will be included as post-launch contents, and even in this case, the names seem quite important. We talk about Search and Rescue, seen for the first time in Call of Duty Ghosts, and Demolition, one of the cornerstones of multiplayer from Modern Warfare 2.

Hardpoint is a team mode where you have to conquer goals, which change position periodically, to earn points, and is one of the most played online multiplayer even at a competitive level.

Fans don’t seem to have taken it very well for the truth, as you can guess from Reddit, where the user Nickaap foresees a difficult year for the game, and given the difficulties that emerged regarding Call of Duty 2020, the concern is tangible. For the moment, in any case, these are items that have not yet been confirmed, so perhaps it is better to wait before wrapping your head.