Death Stranding: Kojima provides a clue to try to better understand the plot

Death Stranding on PS4: Explained the Constant Reference to the

While fans of Death Stranding are eagerly waiting to be able to put their hands on a copy of the game to properly examine every single aspect, the good Hideo Kojima has provided some extra information about the plot and how to better understand it.

Here are the words of the bizarre game designer, who answered the questions on the complex plot of the title:

“If I told you at what point in the story you need to arrive to understand its meaning, the game would become less interesting. Death Stranding will capture you more and more and the story will be revealed as you progress through the game. You will have to play it to understand it. of the game that you will begin to have an idea of ​​what is happening. As you can imagine, the trailers we have published show game footage. You could probably see them in chronological order to capture some additional details about the story. “

In short, it seems that by placing the various films currently available in a certain order it is possible to extrapolate some additional details about the game, so as to better understand the plot. Who knows if in the next few hours someone will already work to do what Kojima said.

Meanwhile, we remind you that the game will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on November 8, 2019.