Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: how to complete “Eyes on the Moon” and access the Vex Offensive

Destiny 2 for PC:

As you have surely noticed, the world of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep has undergone some important changes with the debut of the Gardening Salvation Raid, since the Vex stormed the Moon and it is possible to face them in the new mode called Offensive Vex.

To be able to access the new game mode, however, it is necessary to complete some tasks around the planets, so we find out all there is to do in order to eliminate a bit of Vex and get the new themed weapons.

Shadows from the Deep Campaign

The first step towards the Vex Offensive is to complete at least the first mission of the new campaign on the Moon. It should not be particularly demanding and we are sure that many of you have already accomplished this goal a few days ago.

Talk to Ikora Ray

At this point, head to the Tower to have a chat with Ikora Ray, head of the Wizards Vanguard, who will talk to you about Vex sightings on the Moon and assign you the company named Eyes on the Moon.

Hunting for Vex

Once you’ve picked up the company, all you have to do is go to the Moon, where the disturbing robotic creatures will come from time to time through storms, but they don’t seem to be particularly frequent. The areas affected by the storms in question are three and, among these, we also find the Mouth of Hell. Stand there and wait for your opponents to come to give you a lesson and proceed with the quest. The objective requires eliminating 100 Vex well and it should not be very difficult given the number of enemies that come with storms.

If you have completed all the previous steps correctly you will now have to go and talk to Eris Morn, who will give you an object and will also allow you to access the Vex Offensive mode from the Destinations menu, so you can also move forward in the Eyes on the Moon task.