Fortnite: According to a law firm, Epic would have devised a game that “creates dependency”


A Canadian law firm is preparing a lawsuit against Epic Games because the famous developer would “consciously devised a game that is very, very addictive”. The lawyers’ reference is to the most popular of the battle royale, Fortnite.

“Epic Games, when it created Fortnite, hired psychologists for many years: they dug deep into the human brain and made the effort to make it as addictive as possible,” said Alessandra Esposito Chartrand, Calex Legal ‘s lawyer. “They knowingly put on the market an addictive game, geared towards younger people” he added.

Comparing the case to that relating to the collective action against the tobacco companies of 2015, which saw Quebec Superior Court affirming the low commitment of the companies involved in warning customers about the real dangers of smoking, Chartrand believes that Epic was aware of the fact that Fortnite should “create as much dependence as possible” and that it did nothing to warn players of this risk . The cause then is focused on the information that Epic would have omitted rather than on the game.

The proceeding, which was presented on behalf of the parents of two children aged ten and fifteen, is based on the recent decision of the WHO to list gambling disorders as real diseases. “In our case, the two parents told us that if they knew about the danger their children were running, they would monitor them much more closely and never let them play Fortnite,” the lawyer concluded.

Meanwhile, Fortnite’s pro players have decided to create an association to “protect themselves” and dialogue with Epic. Ninja, the famous streamer, also told of his parents ‘ reservations. What do you think about it?