Hearthstone: a Hong Kong player brings the protest into the Grandmasters’ stream


The protest that is raging in Hong Kong transcends the squares of the Asian metropolis to arrive in streaming. During the last weekend of the regular season of the Hearthstone Grandmasters, according to the Inven Global portal, a live player expressed solidarity with the protest of his fellow citizens.

After finishing the match, the Ng player ” Blitzchung ” Wai Chung appeared in the official Hearthstone Taiwan streaming for the usual post-match caster interview. The boy, however, presented himself wearing a mask, a symbol of protest that these days are taking on increasingly violent outlines. After raising his mouthpiece, Bliztchung shouted, in Chinese: ” Liberate Hong Kong! “

The casters, not wanting to have anything to do with (and not wanting to be associated) with what is claimed by the player, hide behind the monitors. The production and the casters themselves have therefore cut short, interrupting the transmission almost immediately. The burning material related to that game was quickly removed from the Web and it is virtually impossible to find it.

The situation in Hong Kong is increasingly tragic: the news, in the West, comes increasingly fragmented and distorted, above all due to the strong control over the information exercised by the two governments involved. The airport, the metro stations, streets, and squares are under attack and police violence and mobs intensify.

The player, probably touched by the situation and oblivious to the consequences this could have on his personal and professional life, has exploited an immediate and uncensored stage such as streaming on Twitch to express his position on the subject and attract international attention to the situation.