Monster Hunter World unstoppable, exceeding 14 million copies


In the last few hours, Capcom has made official the overcoming of the 14 million copies sold for Monster Hunter World, a chapter of the series available only on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and of which the highly appreciated expansion has recently been put on the market. Iceborne.

The announcement came from the same software house in Osaka, which published the game’s sales data on its official Twitter profile. Within the considerable figure, of course, copies of the complete edition of the game are included, which contains both the standard version of the title and the additional content that has undoubtedly given a further boost to sales. The choice, therefore, to create a chapter specifically for home consoles and not for Nintendo laptops has paid off, also considering the 2.5 million copies sold of Monster Hunter World Iceborne a few days after its launch, which occurred only a few weeks does.

Waiting to discover how the Capcom series will continue, we remind you that a crossover event is coming up between Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 2, during which you can get exclusive skins from characters like Leon Kennedy, Mr. X, and Claire Redfield.