Nintendo Switch: a 2016 patent reveals Joy-Con’s discarded designs


In 2016, the Japanese government patent registration agency received several documents from Nintendo related to profoundly different versions of the console Joy-Cons that, the following year, would be launched worldwide under the name of Nintendo Switch.

According to the information pinned in the patent filed by Nintendo, the designers of the Kyoto company could have launched on the market of Joy-Con with a key layout very different from that of the controllers sold in March 2017 together with Switch.

On the basis of the indications provided by the patent in question, the graphic artists of the Dutch portal LetsGoDigital have made explanatory renderings that show the aspect of Nintendo Switch with discarded Joy-Con: the recreated models propose controllers with double D-Pad, with additional keys, and with more generous dimensions. In the documents filed in 2016 by Nintendo, there does not seem to be any reference to the Joy-Con leaflets illustrated in a patent which, apparently, should have been registered only recently by the Super Mario house. You can see the renderings of Switch Joy-Con discarded by Nintendo in the link you find at the bottom of the news.

In the meantime, we remind you that the new Joy-Con Blue-Yellow and Purple-Orange are finally available also in Italy, while for what concerns the 8BitDo Switch Lite theme controller equipped with double D-Pad we are still waiting to know the European marketing date.