Pokemon Sword and Shield: Masuda explains why the series has long remained on a laptop

Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Be at the World Hobby Fair, New Details at the End of June

The date of publication of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is coming, the two new chapters that will bring the main Pokemon series to cross the boundaries of exclusively portable consoles for the first time.

An important milestone, which comes after many years from the debut of the successful Game Freak series on the gaming market. To explain the reasons that led the software house to keep the main series for such a long time exclusively on portable platforms, from the Game Boy to Nintendo 3DS, Junichi Masuda, producer of Pokemon Sword and Shield, recently spoke.

During an interview granted to the editors of Game Informer, the latter told the reasons behind this choice. In particular, the desire to maintain interaction between players was highlighted as a characteristic element of the Pokemon series. ” It’s also fun to play at home alone, ” says Masuda, ” but it’s probably more fun to play with friends at a festival .” The Game Freak producer also mentioned the special Pokemon distribution events. Going to a location to be able to have a specific Pokemon is an experience that can be made with friends or that can allow you to make new encounters:These moments turn into memories and add value to the Pokemon you get; whenever you see it, think back to that experience, and we think that these experiences have value “.