Sony gave masks to … Hideo Kojima at the Madrid Games Week


That Hideo Kojima is a very special character and loved by the gamer community, there are no doubts. A further testament to the affection of the fans, and to the extent that they know how to be self-deprecating, the Japanese game designer came from Madrid Games Week.

Sony PlayStation Spain has in fact decided to distribute masks depicting the very features of the same author for free in a funny way, and it was rather surreal to see many small Hideo Kojima going around the Spanish fair, as evidenced also by some videos posted on Twitter.

So, waiting to get our hands on Death Stranding, there are those who had fun masquerading as the author of Metal Gear Solid, as if it were any video game character.

Speaking of Death Stranding, there is very little left to the release of the highly anticipated video game by Kojima Production, which will be available starting November 8th, practically in an exact month.

Did you know for example that Mads Mikkelsen was “breathless” after his first Death Stranding test?