Apex Legends celebrates Halloween: announced the Fight or Fright Collection Event!

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After a long succession of rumors about a Halloween-themed event in Apex Legends, the Respawn Entertainment team announces the ” Fight or Fright ” Collection Event!

The in-game event will have a limited duration, between Tuesday 15 October and Tuesday 5 November. During these weeks, the world of Apex Legends will celebrate Halloween with a series of special initiatives. Among the latter we find a new Limited Time Mode: called Shadowfall, the latter will allow players to move inside a night version of Kings Canyon. Inside, the participants will face off in a 35-player match, with some special rules!

Once defeated, in fact, our Legend will reappear in an “undead” form and will join the ” Shadow Squad“. In this form, it will not be possible to use weapons, but our videogame alter ego will gain movement speed and the ability to climb walls. When only ten Legends are left alive, they will have to join forces to try to escape, resisting the onslaught of the Shadow Squad! What do you think of this special mode?

Among other initiatives, including special challenges that get cosmetic elements. Until Fight or Fright take off, we announce that recently found spreading rumors related to the possible arrival of new characters in Apex Legends.