Call of Duty Mobile: how to earn COD Points and Free Credits

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Within Call of Duty Mobile, there are two in-game currencies with which to make purchases in the store: COD Points and Credits. In this mini-guide, we explain how to get them and how to earn them for free by playing.

Being a free-to-play game, Call of Duty Mobile provides the ability to put your wallet to hand to buy new items to use in the game. Fortunately, it is possible to earn the in-game currency even for free, simply by playing.

How to earn Call of Duty Mobile Credits for free

The credits of Call of Duty Mobile allow you to buy most of the items available in the in-game store, such as weapons, equipment, grenades and so on. This currency can be earned for free by participating in various game activities.

Specifically, Credits can be earned for free in the following ways:

  • Receiving bonuses for daily access (up to 500 Credits per week)
  • Completing daily and weekly activities
  • Participating in limited time events (always check the central tab on the left side of the main screen)
  • Levelling up in the free Battle Pass
  • Demolishing unwanted items from the inventory
  • Looking at the ads and promotions displayed in the game

How to get COD Points in Call of Duty Mobile

With the COD Points, you can buy the prize boxes and some exclusive cosmetic items such as the rarest weapons skins. To get them you will need to shell out real money, buying them in the Call of Duty Mobile in-game store at the following prices:

  • 80 COD Points – 1.09 euro
  • 400 COD Points – 5.49 euros
  • 800 COD Points – 10.99 euros
  • 2000 COD Points – € 27.99
  • 4000 COD Points – 42.99 euros
  • 8000 COD Points – 109.99 euros

The only way to earn “free” COD Points is to advance in the Premium Battle Pass, which can be purchased for 800 COD Points (ie € 10.99). Specifically, you will be rewarded with 800 COD Points after reaching the 93 level Premium Battle Pass, just enough to purchase next season’s Pass.

Are you having fun with Tencent’s mobile shooter and Timi Studio? On this occasion we recall that COD Mobile has exceeded 35 million downloads a few hours after its debut, doing better than any other first or third person game on the App Store and Google Play.