FIFA 20: Hazard and Sterling show off a new look in the game

FIFA 20:

The guys at EA Sports continue to work to make FIFA 20 a better game, intervening on playability and fixing bugs. In the midst of all this work to do, in any case, Canadian developers have not forgotten the aesthetic aspect at all. You know, even the eye wants its part!

Many may not have noticed, but with the latest FIFA 20 update, EA Sports took the opportunity to change the look of two of the biggest stars included in the game, or world champion Eden Hazard, now a Real Madrid militant, and the super-fast Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling. In the tweet attached in the moose to the news, you can admire the new look sported by the two champions.

The willingness of EA Sports to keep up with even aesthetic details like this is certainly laudable, but the players continue to clamor for the resolution of the various problems that afflict the game, especially the career mode of FIFA 20. As if that were not enough, in recent days EA Sports is over with the eye of the storm because it let slip the data of 1600 users at the opening of the registrations for the FIFA 20 Global Series.