FIFA 20: the best economic players to buy with few credits

FIFA 20 Time

After having talked about the best young talents of FIFA 20, in this mini-guide, we will show you 10 excellent players that you can buy in the new EA Sports football simulator by spending a few credits.

If you want some graft for your team spending little, or to complete a Pink Creation Challenge, these players could be for you.

Simone Verdi (Turin)

If you are looking to create a Serie A team in FUT, Simone Verdi is an economic left-wing that should not be missed: you can buy it for about 1,200 coins.

The limited stature and the non-excellent physical statistics do not make him the best performer of the players, but with 92 of agility, 90 of balance, 87 in acceleration and 85 in the speed of shooting he will be able to make the defending defenders eat the dust. In addition, he is also a specialist in set-pieces.

Martin Caceres (Fiorentina)

Continuing to talk about Seria A’s players, another affair is Fiorentina’s Martin Caceres, which can be purchased starting from around 700 coins.

With an overall score of 78, the former Juventus defender has some interesting statistics that make him a perfect advance purchase before you can afford the best league central defenders. For example, 91 in jumps, 80 in interceptions and 80 in defensive awareness. Even though Caceres is not very tall, his remarkable elevation ability will be very useful for corner kicks and aerial play.

Yussuf Poulsen (RB Leipzig)

With its mix of rhythm, power, and height, Yussuf Poulsen can be a thorn in the side for any opponent. The key statistics of Poulsen are 86 in the direction of the position, 85 in the shots, 84 in the shooting speed, 84 in aggressiveness, 84 in the jumps and 87 in the resistance.

With a total score of 81 on FIFA 20, the Danish striker is currently available for around 900 coins, which is a great deal for a player with this characteristic. Perfect if you are looking to put together a cheap Bundesliga team.

Tiemoue Bakayoko (Monaco)

On loan at the former Monaco club, Bakayoko is a real bargain if you are creating a FUT team based on Ligue 1 or French players. It will cost you only about 750 coins.

His physical prowess is in aggressiveness, 86 of strength, 84 in standing contrasts, 82 in, 82 interceptions and 82 resistance, Tiemoue Bakayoko remains an excellent choice if you need a strong player in midfield spending little.

Davy Klaassen (Werder Bremen)

Where to build a Bundesliga based team? Are you looking for a great Dutch player at a good price? Werder Bremen midfielder Davy Klaassen is a valuable option for just 500 coins.

With good passing statistics, endurance, ball control, shooting and positioning, the former Ajax and Everton player shows an overall rating of 80. By combining his 87 in resistance with the high attack and defense values ​​you will be able to cover all areas of the field from the beginning to the end of the game. Klaassen is a solid alternative to more expensive Dutch players like Frenkie de Jong, Gini Wijnaldum, Donny van de Beek and Daley Blind.

Kevin Gameiro (Valencia)

French striker Kevin Gameiro boasts an overall rating of 81. His key statistics are 87 in acceleration, 84 in shutter speed, 85 in the direction of the position, 82 in the shooting power, 81 in reactivity and 80 in the finishing.

These numbers indicate that Gameiro has all the credentials to be an effective and versatile striker in your team, all without costing a fortune. Its approximate price is around 1,800 coins, a much lower figure than the average cost of the players in the Liga.

Andre Gray (Watford)

The Watford striker Andre Gray has an overall score of 76 but can boast excellent values ​​in some crucial statistics such as speed and shooting power, refinement and physical endurance.

Considering that you can buy it for around 800 coins, Andre Gray is undoubtedly one of the best deals in the Premier League.

Josuha Guilavogui (Wolfsburg)

When looking for value for money, few defensive midfielders offer the same value as Josuha Guilavogui.

The French player is available for only 750 coins, offering incredible defensive statistics, with a value of 84 in interceptions, 82 in standing and slip contrasts, 82 in defensive awareness, 81 in aggression and 80 in strength. Complementing some excellent CDM attributes, the player’s high defensive work rate and considerable height make it an exceptional purchase.

Leonardo Bittencourt (Werder Bremen)

Leonardo Bittencourt is a fast and able dribbling midfielder, very capable even in passages. Among his statistics, we mention the 90 of agility, 89 of balance, 88 of acceleration and 84 of dribbling. With these numbers, you will be able to overcome the opposing defense from the middle of the court.

If you need a quick and technical Bundesliga midfielder at a good price – around 700 coins, Bittencourt is undoubtedly one of the best economic solutions available in the game.

Matt Ryan (Brighton)

The Premier League offers some of the best goalkeepers of FIFA 20, but you will need to accumulate a significant amount of coins for names like David De Gea, Alisson, Ederson or Hugh Lloris.

An excellent economic alternative is Matt Ryan from Brighton, which can be purchased for around 500 coins. With 83 of reflexes and 81 in the dives, Ryan will give you a good dose of security between the posts. Of course, his 53 speed is not spectacular, but usually, this value is low even for the best goalkeepers. For those wishing to build a Premier League FUT team, the Australian defender is a great starting point.

If you need other advice to create a competitive team spending little money, we remind you that on our pages we have explained to you how to create a hybrid team in FIFA 20 with 20,000 credits.