Fortnite and Samsung still together for the exclusive Glow skin

Fortnite Glow Skin

Samsung once again celebrates its collaboration with Epic Games for Fortnite with the announcement of an exclusive Glow skin for the game, available for owners of almost all Galaxy series devices. The

The design of the Glow skin comes from the Aura Glow color of the Galaxy Note 10, designed for the Millennial generation and inspired by the reflecting light of a prism. Already available for download, the new Glow skin is added to an ever-expanding list of Fortnite exclusive content for Samsung. Last year the two companies celebrated the launch of the Android game with Galaxy Skin, available only on Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4. The partnership then expanded earlier this year with the launch of the iKONIK skin, with the accompanying dance steps, Love Scenario, developed with the pop star Jung Chanwoo of the iKON band, available for the Galaxy S10 line.

Downloadable for a wide range of devices, the new Glow skin is based on last year’s Fate skin but will include a new color combination based on Galaxy Note 10’s Aura Glow color. The partnership reflects Samsung’s growing focus on providing users of cutting-edge gaming experiences that accompany Fortnite’s global success.

Since its launch in 2017, Fortnite has become a real cultural phenomenon, reaching more than 250 million registered players in early 2019, and generating over 2 billion dollars worldwide on all platforms. The partnership provides Samsung with exclusive sales, with the Android version of the game available exclusively through the Galaxy Store and the Epic Games website, a recognition of Samsung devices as the gold standard of mobile gaming.