Fortnite: what time does The End begin? New leaks on the map of Season 11


Thanks to the appearance of the countdown to the Season 10 event, Fortnite Battle Royale fans finally know what time the End will begin, which, as suggested by the code name chosen by Epic, will mark the end of the Season 10 and the start of Fortnite Season 11.

The countdown holographic projected the spinner rocket set up at the launch pad of musty warehouse allows us to set for 20:00 (GMT +2) to Sunday, October 13 the date and official time of the event to which The End we will be able to participate making the deployment in that precise quadrant of the island of Fortnite a few minutes before the show.

According to the rumors gathered by Epic Games’ free shooter data miner and the speculations that accompany us in the convulsive final days of Season 10, starting at 20:00 on October 13th we should see the rocket launch and a mysterious in-game activity (l ‘ Atmospheric explosion of the missile or its impact on the ground?

According to the ever-active scene of the Fortnite data miner, the temporary closure of the servers that has always accompanied the end of each season (and, more generally, the arrival of every weekly update of content) will be used as a pretext by Epic to launch the new map of Season 11, a setting that is completely new and similar in size to the island that was the backdrop to the battle royale challenges of the first ten seasons of Fortnite.