Ghost Recon Breakpoint: what is the best class for the single player campaign?

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In the new Ghost Recon Breakpoint of Ubisoft you can choose from four classes: Field Medic, Assault, Panther and Shooter. Which of these is the most effective to use in the single-player campaign of the game? We explain it to you in the following mini-guide.

Let’s start by saying that all Ghost Recon Breakpoint classes are useful and interesting to use. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses and has special skills that favour a certain style of play. One of these classes in particular, however, is able to offer a considerable advantage to users who want to play the single-player campaign, without the collaboration of other players: let’s see which one.

The best class for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint single player

If you are facing the Ghost Recon Breakpoint campaign on your own, without the help of friends or other online players, the most convenient class to use is that of the Field Doctor. Why? For the simple reason that by playing as a field doctor you will be able to revive yourself, with the possibility of returning to the battlefield after being killed.

This will be possible thanks to the special ability of this class that allows you to revive the soldiers (and even yourself). You will not be able to use it indefinitely, but on many occasions will be able to offer you a second extremely precious chance, thus avoiding having to start over from the last checkpoint. To find out if the resuscitation skill is available at a given time, you will need to make sure that the indicator at the bottom left of the screen is full.

We also remind you that the field doctor has the Medikit, an object that can be used to treat your wounds and recover health, so as to further remove the risk of dying during a firefight. The other skills of this class are not particularly useful in solo battles, but it is worth pointing out that the resuscitation skills and the Medikit will be more than enough to simplify your life in the single-player campaign, making the Field Physician the most effective specialization to use when playing alone.