Hori presents the official Mario Kart steering wheel for Switch and PC


Hori, a well-known manufacturer of peripherals, has announced the upcoming arrival of the official Mario Kart steering wheel licensed from Nintendo, compatible with Switch and Windows PC.

The launch of this accessory is scheduled for January 2020 at a price of 59.99 dollars (probably 59.99 euros in Europe ), together with the steering wheel in the package there will also be space for a pedalboard, the manufacturer states that all the buttons can be reconfigured at will, it will also be You can adjust the sensitivity of the steering through a special App for iPhone and Android.

The wheel of Mario Kart will arrive in Japan in November also in the Deluxe edition, but it is not clear what the differences are with the standard edition and whether the premium version will also be marketed in Europe and North America.

The pre-orders of Mario Kart’s official steering wheel will open in the coming hours on Amazon UK and Amazon USA, presumably, it will be possible to start pre-ordering the product between today.