Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for PS5 in development? Guerrilla continues to hire!

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

There is excitement in the Guerrilla Games studios. After the wave of recruitments last July, the Dutch firm opened another 16 job advertisements. We do not know what is boiling in the pot, but many clues pointed to Horizon Zero Dawn 2, obviously for PlayStation 5.

Judging from the page dedicated to recruitment available on Linkedin, Guerrilla Games is looking for as many as 16 distinct job figures , among which a Vegetation Artist stands out , which will have to deal with vegetation modeling , and a Principal Animator for Living World , which instead will be called to give life to a great game world by working closely with those responsible for Design, Artificial Intelligence and Art Direction.

If there is a game that can excel both in the staging of a living and pulsating world, and in the yield of vegetation, that is undoubtedly Horizon Zero Dawn. That Guerrilla is really working on Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for PS5? There is nothing official about it, but we would not be surprised at all if it were really so. The adventure of Aloy has been a resounding success of critics and the public, and the over 10 million copies sold represent without a doubt a more than a valid incentive for the financing of the project. The final scene of Horizon: Zero Dawn also left the doors wide open for a sequel. Missing at least another year at the PS5 launch, so for the moment we can not help but continue to wait patiently waiting to discover official information.