How long will Death Stranding last? Hideo Kojima talks about longevity


Hideo Kojima was recently a guest at IgroMir 2019 in Moscow and on this occasion he was interviewed by the Russian site DTF and on this occasion, the father of Metal Gear Solid spoke among other things of the longevity of Death Stranding.

Speaking is perhaps not the right term since Kojima was decidedly vague about it and a precise question about the longevity of Death Stranding was limited to stating that ” it will take a long time to get to the end of the adventure and to discover all the secrets “, without giving more precise indications regarding the hours necessary to dissect every element of the production.

Recently Hideo himself has made it clear that over the years he has disseminated various clues to better understand the plot of Death Stranding and invites you to look at the trailers in chronological order to discover some aspects related to the story.

Hideo Kojima took advantage of his visit to Russia for a short trip to Poland, with the aim of greeting CD Projekt RED’s friends in Warsaw, the Japanese producer visited the studies of the Polish team currently working on Cyberpunk 2077, a well-known event documented through social networks, where many commented hoping for a collaboration between Kojima Productions and CD Projekt RED.