How to play with the PlayStation 4 on Android thanks to Remote Play

PlayStation 4 on Android

The new PlayStation 4 7.0 firmware introduced Remote Play on Android, allowing users to play on the PS4 even on mobile devices with Google’s operating system. Below we explain how to use it.

To play with your PS4 on Android devices, just follow the instructions in this mini-guide.

Requirements to use the PS4 Remote Play on Android

To use Remote Play on Android you will need a valid PlayStation Network account, a mobile device with an Android operating system (starting from version 5.0) and a PS4 updated to at least firmware 7.0.

Prepare the PS4 for Remote Play on Android

To prepare your PS4 for Remote Play on Android, from the console dashboard you need to go to Settings -> Remote Play connection settings and check the “Enable Remote Play” checkbox.

Download and install the Remote Play Android app

The PS4 Remote Play for Android works via the app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. All you have to do is download the PS4 Remote Play app from the Play Store , and install it on your Android device.

Match the PS4 to your Android device

To use the PS4 Remote Play app you will first need to pair the console with your Android device. To do this, just open the app and press the “Start” button while your PS4 is on and connected to the network. If the device cannot find the console automatically, you can do the manual pairing by entering the code of your PS4 that you can find by going to Settings -> Remote Play Connection Settings -> Add Device.

How to use the Remote Play app on Android

Once you have paired your Android device with the PS4, you will finally be able to use the console from your smartphone, using touchscreen controls directly. In the main screen of the app, pressing the gear icon in the upper right corner, you will access the application settings from which you can set the video quality of the Remote Play (up to 720p) and eventually change the PS4 to which you connect. It will also be possible to use your Android device as a keyboard to enter text into your PS4.