Is Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for PS5 in development? Bow and arrow references make it think


Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for PlayStation 5 may be under development, or there may be a port of Horizon Zero Dawn currently capable of running on the PS5 Dev Kit, as can be seen from the Wired article published today.

Speaking of the new features of the DualShock 5, Wired’s editorial team focuses on ” Adaptive Triggers ” stating that this new type of control will make it possible to ” hurl bow and arrows with greater precision ” as well as allowing better brake dosing and acceleration in racing games.

The example may not be random and the bow and arrow are two of the characteristic elements of Guerrilla Games production. The new DualShock 5 could be the ideal controller for racing games and in fact, it has been confirmed that currently, Gran Turismo Sport runs on the PS5 Dev Kit… and the same could be for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Difficult to understand more and the rest it is only speculation, the example quoted by Wired could be completely random … or maybe not? And what do you think, is Horizon Zero Dawn 2 under development for PlayStation 5 or have we gone further in our theory?