Look at mom, without a pickaxe! A video shows how to finish Minecraft without digging blocks

Minecraft Next-Gen

The fan of Minecraft known by the nickname of Hedgey has decided to embark on a challenge that is unbelievable, namely to conclude the “main campaign” of the blockbuster sandbox of Mojang without digging any block for the duration of the game.

The video packaged by YouTuber shows us the approach adopted to complete this venture. Despite the enormous difficulties encountered in finding the resources needed to cope with the mobs of the immense game world, activate the portal for the End and defeat the Ender Dragon without digging any kind of block, the fearless Minecraft enthusiast seems to be succeeded in fulfilling his mission.

To cope with the endless challenges represented by the impossibility of tapping into the rich, “excavable” resources of the subsoil and the surface of the colorful universe of Minecraft, the fan of Mojang’s squared masterpiece has explored the natural caves, the temples of mobs and the villages generated procedurally to acquire the objects present in the treasures. Thanks also to the use of the crafting functions, the user has completely renounced the pickaxe (and more in general of the mining activities) to obtain the weapons, equipment, and objects necessary to open a passage to the arena of ‘Ender Dragon.

What do you think of the undertaking accomplished by the Minecraft enthusiast? Have you tried your hand at similar challenges to test your survival skills in the size of the Microsoft blockbuster?