Man plays Pokemon GO with 45 smartphones at the same time and becomes ASUS ambassador


Chen San Yuan is a seventy-year-old from Taiwan who has always lived his life in a private manner and away from the spotlight, at least until a few months ago, when he decided to ride his city on a bicycle to hunt for Pokemon. So far nothing strange, but there’s more!

Chen San Yuan started playing with 11 smartphones at the same time, his kit then switched to 21 smartphones and has now reached 45 devices connected at the same time. Of course, Pokemon GO is installed on all of them, the man says that this move was necessary to be able to quickly capture the greatest number of creatures, including the rarest Pokemon or those available only for a limited time.

This apparent exaggeration did not go unnoticed and the press began to interview the man, who also attracted the sympathy of the marketing department of ASUS: the Taiwanese company named Chen San Yuan brand ambassador and assured that the coach it will never remain without a smartphone. For his part, Chen said he would soon proceed with a new upgrade of his bike with a large smartphone park …