Mario Kart Tour: Rosalinda and the Rainbow Trail arrive

Mario Kart Tour:

Good news for Mario Kart Tour fans, as Nintendo seems increasingly willing to keep the game updated and to continually give it new content. As announced on Twitter, in fact, a new track and a new character are coming in the next Tour.

This is Rosalinda, seen for the first time in Super Mario Galaxy on Wii in the distant 2007, which, you can bet, will come with its own kart and glider as a randomly obtainable loot.

The new track is actually an old acquaintance of the Mario Kart series since it is the famous Rainbow Trail. Seen for the first time in Super Mario Kart on Snes, the circuit has almost always been present in its successive incarnations and was represented as a track that floats in space, and with an ultra-colored pavement, which on the other hand is the one that gives it its name.

It is not clear at the moment which version will arrive, if a socket from a previous Mario Kart, more versions will come or if a completely new one will be made.

Before Rosalinda, the latest addition was the circuit set in Tokyo a few days ago. Despite several controversies due to the microtransactions, Mario Kart Tour already boasts 90 million downloads.