Outer Wilds: Mobius Digital announces the PS4 version of the space sandbox


Through the pages of the official PlayStation Blog, the developers of Mobius Games confirm the rumours of recent days and announce the PlayStation 4 version of Outer Wilds: their space sandbox will be available starting October 15th.

The PS4 version of this great little gem of independent videogame production will boast the same contents as the double edition that has appeared in recent months on PC (as exclusive Epic Games Store ) and Xbox One (available since launch on Xbox Game Pass ).

The whole adventure of Outer Wilds gravitates (literally!) Around the figure of a fearless alien astronaut who, starting from the village of his home planet, will have to embark on an exploration of the other worlds of his star system to come to terms with an infinite series of puzzles.

To make the gaming experience even more intense and fun, Mobius’s California writers will force users to reset the adventure in pre-established 22-minute cycles , a time frame punctuated by the relentless pace of cosmic events that we will witness visiting every single celestial body (both natural and artificial) that orbits the star destined to explode in a spectacular blue supernova.