PlayStation 4: 7.0 firmware now available for download!

Playstation 4

The PlayStation 4 firmware 7.0 was generally expected for this week, Sony has not lived up to expectations, having started from a very few minutes the rollout of the new update, which can now be downloaded on PS4 PS4 and PRO.

The 7.0 firmware introduces changes to the party, with the possibility of inviting now a maximum of 16 players instead of the usual 8, also adds to the street Second Screen chat transcript function (in the US), the update also includes technical improvements, bug fixes and improves audio quality and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The PlayStation 4 7.0 upgrade will then be essential to enable the PS4 Remote Play on Android , with this firmware it will be possible to stream in any smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system (updated to at least version 5.0) by removing the limit that allowed this functionality to run only on Sony Xperia family devices. The Remote Play has also been optimized for iPhone and iPad, so as to exploit the full potential of iOS 13.

As said in the past few hours, the support for Facebook on PS4 disappears but Sony has announced that the removal is only temporary and the compatibility with the social network of Mark Zuckerberg will return soon in an updated and improved version.