PlayStation 5 at Christmas 2020, it’s official! The new DualShock has also been unveiled

PlayStation 5

Jim Ryan announced with a post on the PlayStation Blog that the next Sony console will be officially named PlayStation 5 and will debut on the market in time for the Christmas holidays of 2020.

Wired has published an exclusive coverage of PlayStation 5 in which the new DualShock 5 is also revealed, which will enjoy two innovations of absolute thickness, which the haptic feedback that will replace the “Rumble” technology that has guaranteed until today the vibration that we have learned about the DualShock controller.

The second novelty is known as ” Adaptive Triggers ” and will be integrated into the L2 / R 2 keys, which will ensure a greater sense of precision and will allow you to dose the power of some actions such as accelerated / braking or the power of an arrow, to give examples.

Finally, Sony emphasizes again how PS4 will not be abandoned, the console will continue to be supported thanks to productions such as Death Stranding, The Last Of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. More details on PlayStation 5 are expected in the next few hours.