PlayStation 5: the next-gen SSD will start the era of selective game installation

PlayStation 5 Holographic

Discussing the PS5 features that will differentiate it from the consoles of this generation, Sony System Architect Mark Cerny stated on the pages of Wired that the PlayStation 5 SSD will allow users to make “selective installation” of video games next- January What is it?

In addressing the subject, Cerny explains that “instead of dealing with video games as a big data block, we are allowing developers to have more ‘detailed’ access to data” . In this way, according to the person in charge of the team of designers responsible for shaping the next generation of PlayStation consoles, all PS5 users will be able to decide whether to install the data of the newly purchased video games (whether in physical or digital media) or if on the contrary, selectively download the portions of the game concerned.

If on PS4 this system has allowed some developers to “split the data” of their titles to allow players to install the single-player component or the multiplayer module, on PlayStation 5 the speed of access to data guaranteed by the newly designed SSD PS5 will allow us to install, for example, the first part of the campaign of a next-gen video game or the cooperative multiplayer module. All this, according to Cerny, will offer greater freedom of choice to both users and developers, especially depending on the size of next-gen video games thanks to support for Blu-ray discs with 100GB of data.