PS4: Remote Play arrives on all Android smartphones

PS4: Remote Play

The arrival of the PlayStation 4 7.0 firmware will not only bring improvements to HDR and the increase in the number of players in the party (which will increase to a maximum of 16) but will also introduce Remote Play on all Android smartphones and not limited to Sony Xperia terminals.

Currently, the Remote Play from PS4 is accessible on all iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), PC, Mac OS and on Xperia series devices such as tablets and smartphones. PlayStation 4 Update 7.0 will open Remote Play instead to all terminals equipped with the Android operating system (updated to at least version 5.0, now rather dated), it will be possible to play via a virtual interface with on-screen buttons or by connecting DualShock 4 via Bluetooth.

To enable Remote Play you will need to download the PS4 Remote Play app from the Google Play Store, Sony also lets you know that you have updated the application for iPhone and iPad, now optimized for iOS 13 and equipped with new features such as the ability to show or hide the virtual keys and block the rotation of the screen.

This is certainly a welcome change that will make all those who want to play in streaming with PS4 games on their Android smartphone happy until now cut off from Remote Play.