PS4: the removal of Facebook features is only temporary


News continues to arrive on PlayStation 4 update 7.00, which should arrive later this week. As we told you yesterday, among the many features of the new update, there is the removal of services related to Facebook, but things could change again soon.

In practice, Sony has disabled the integration of its console with social network services, so it will no longer be possible to share statuses, images, videos or trophies on Facebook directly from your PS4.

At first, it seemed that it was a final decision, given also the lack of clarity from Sony that apologized for the inconvenience but without explaining the reasons for the decision.

Today, a company spokesperson has contacted Kotaku, who reported that the problem is simply temporary. It seems in fact that Sony and Facebook must renegotiate their agreements, it is not clear whether due to some modifications to guarantee the privacy of the users that the social network will have to implement after the scandals that have seen it as the protagonist, or for a merely economic question.

The fact is that the collaboration must be reconsidered, and until a new agreement is found the features of the social network on the console will remain disabled.

“We are working with Sony to finalize an updated contract that can improve the integration of Facebook on PlayStation,” Sony spokesman said.

What do you think of the situation?