PS5 release: Sony’s Jim Ryan promises to support PS4 for a long time

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Despite the enormous expectations on PlayStation 5 and the efforts made by Sony to make it a revolutionary console compared to the systems of this generation, Jim Ryan of SIE reiterates that the Japanese technology giant will continue to actively support PS4 for many more months.

Despite the inevitable media campaign that will accompany us until the launch of PS5 at Christmas 2020, in fact, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment feels the need to reassure PS4 users by writing, on the pages of the American PlayStation Blog, that “although there is still so much more to share on PlayStation 5 from here until next year, we have really many successful projects coming up on PS4, including Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima “ .

Citing specifically Ghost of Tsushima in the prestigious kolossal trio destined to land exclusively on PS4 between the end of this year and 2020, Sony’s Ry Ryan denies the rumours that led to the ambitious Sucker Punch action as intended for land on PS5. As for the delicate issue of long-term support of PlayStation 4 (which recently got the firmware update 7.0), the top manager of SIE prefers not to overreach and limit himself to saying that “I would like to thank all PlayStation fans for taking this travel with us while we are entering the future of video games “ .

And what expectations do you have for next-gen? Are you more attracted to PS5 or do you prefer to find out first what features, services and offers (including the launch price ) will offer Sony and Microsoft with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett?