PS5: Sony illustrates the new features for sharing the gaming experience with friends

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The responsible of the hardware and software architecture of PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny, takes advantage of the media visibility guaranteed by the now-famous interview granted to Wired journalists to open a window on the new social features of PS5 in sharing the gaming experience between friends.

Even without showing interface screens that illustrate exhaustively the innovations that await us on PlayStation 5 in terms of the multiplayer experience and the social features for sharing gameplay among friends, the designer of the Japanese technological giant explains that all the interventions completed will greatly improve these activities.

“Although it will be fast enough to start video games on PS5, we don’t want users to have to launch a game, open the dashboard to see what their friends are doing, get back to the game and come back to see what they do,” Cerny said in this regard. before adding that this experience, on the new PlayStation, will be very different :”the game servers will provide the console with sets of activities that they can access in real-time with their friends, while the singleplayer titles will provide information on which missions to start and which rewards to get by deciding to join a game started by your friend , and all this will be visible directly on the user interface. As a player, it still allows me to instantly access what I like and the activities of my friends”.

To understand how far Sony will go to revolutionize the gaming experience offered to its users in the use of social features and sharing gameplay among friends, we just have to wait until the end of next year to be able to watch the release of PS5 at Christmas 2020.