PS5: the SSD drive will allow you to create richer and more complex worlds


The developers seem to be excited about the presence of a SSD series on PlayStation 5 and the chorus of positive judgments is now joined by Renaud Charpentier, game designer and game director responsible for Lornsword Winter Chronicle.

According to Charpentier the PlayStation 5 SSD ” will enrich the gaming experience not only by improving loading times but by allowing developers to create richer worlds “, these are the words of the game director, who then continues:

” You probably noticed that the Lornsword uploads are very short even on current-generation consoles, this is because we are convinced that it is necessary not to stray too far from the game once it has started. SSDs will help us a lot in this respect but not only. presence of an SSD disk can be exploited as secondary RAM to store more data and this can lead to the production of more complex simulations and much richer worlds, it will be interesting to study the opportunities. “

Many people think that SSDs will be one of the strengths of the next generation of consoles, allowing as mentioned to significantly reduce loading times and thus ensure a greater level of immersion.