PS5 will have a dedicated chip for Ray Tracing support

PS5 Games: From GTA 6 to God of War 2, Rumor, Leak and Expectations

New details continue to emerge on PlayStation 5: through the pages of Wired, Mark Cerny confirmed that PS5 will handle Ray Tracing via a dedicated hardware chip, so as not to steal resources from the console CPU / GPU.

Sony’s System Architect (responsible for the architecture of PlayStation 4 and PS5) confirms that the new console will support Ray Tracing through dedicated hardware, Cerny confirmed this by stating that ” PS5 will have a special chip for Ray Tracing in hardware of the GPU, I believe that these represent a confirmation that many expected … “

Mark Cerny did not go into details specifically stating that ” soon we will reveal our definitive strategy for Ray Tracing support on PS5 and we will reveal more information about it “, presumably also showing Tech Demo, but this is only our hypothesis.

PlayStation 5 will be released at Christmas 2020 as confirmed by Jim Ryan also on the pages of Wired, the magazine also claimed to have seen a prototype of Gran Turismo Sport for PS5 in action on the Dev-Kits of Sony’s Next-Gen console.