Red Dead Online: it’s time to hunt down Sergio Vincenza, a deserter on the loose

Red Dead Online

A new legendary size is available in Red Dead Online: this week, the Hunters of the border are called to capture Sergio Vincenza, an anarchist instigator and ex-marksman of the army. Since he defected, Vincenza has been on the run and his accuracy with the rifle has become legendary.

During his last mission, he attempted to kill the governor of Saint-Denis,
he is now said to have holed up in a lookout tower in the Roanoke Ridge surrounded by his highly trained ex-military men. It is possible to start the hunt for Sergio Vincenza simply by consulting his manifesto in any sheriff’s office. Up for grabs, there is an exclusive colouring of the Inglett Scarf and 100 Express ammunition for rifled barrel guns.

Red Dead Online’s weekly news doesn’t end here at all. At Wheeler, Rawson & Co. came a new selection of clothing items for a limited period, including the Folwell and Dillehay hats, the Poncho Prieto, the Eberhart overcoat and the elegant Morales and Carver trousers. The more experienced players can try the new survival game in the Mira manual series in evidence, called the Arma of choice and available in the team variants and all against all: the harder it is to kill with the chosen weapon, the more points are awarded. The itinerant vendor Madame Nazar is instead looking for the Naturalist Collection composed of a cherry comb, an egg of the egret and a plant of Hymenoxys odorata.

There are also many other rewards to be won this week, including 5,000 PE of the Club which can be obtained simply by playing Red Dead Online and 30% of PE of the Roles and the additional character on all the Roles missions, events and challenges:

  • Bounty Hunter: All Bounty Hunter missions including Legendary Sizes and PvP
  • Bounty Hunter: Free Roam Hunting Event and Big Hunt
  • Bounty hunter: all daily challenges
  • Merchant: all sales missions
  • Merchant: all daily challenges
  • Merchant: Free Roam event The way of trade
  • Collector: a collection of coins, family heirlooms and American wildflowers
  • Collector: all sales of weekly and Collector sets
  • Collector: Free Roam events Logging and Condor Egg and Daily Challenges

Players who link their Social Club account to Twitch Prime account can still receive the Bounty Hunter License for free, while PlayStation Plus subscribers can still redeem the Butcher Table for free until October 14th. PS Plus members who access Red Dead Online between 8 October and 4 November will also receive a Killiman Vest in an exclusive colour within 24 hours of access. Those who will play at GTA Online between October 10th and December 12th will unlock for free terrifying Assassin Mask, visible below.

Before saying goodbye, we also wish to remind you that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be launched on PC on November 5th, first at Rockstar Games Launcher and Epic Games Store. On Steam it will arrive later.