Shuhei Yoshida talks about PS5 and Death Stranding, comparing it to a Netflix series

Death Stranding

The President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide, Shuhei Yoshida, was recently the protagonist of an interesting interview, in which he spoke about his experience with Death Stranding, even venturing a particular comparison.

Yoshida said he had tried Hideo Kojima’s game and was pleasantly surprised by the many possibilities available to the player: “In total, I played for about 10 hours from the start, but I felt like it was only just beginning. other people to try the game, including Kojima himself, who explained to me a lot of ways to use Sam’s tools that I hadn’t really thought of “.

Speaking instead of the story of the game, here is what Yoshida said: “I would compare the story to an original Netflix series done really well. I feel like I only came halfway through that series and there are still plenty of possibilities for what might happen next. And then I heard that in the second half of the game you will cry a lot. The staff at Kojima Productions, and even the Sony debuggers, also told me. “

Finally, the president of Sony took the opportunity to speak briefly about PS5 and next-gen too. For Yoshida thanks to the talent of the developers, also a graphically challenging game like Ghost of Tsushima will run on PS4, proving that the console has not yet reached its limit. That’s why the next generation will focus more on creating new ways to play than on graphic improvements.

In short, Kojima’s approach to Death Stranding seems to still focus on narrative, and according to the words of Shuhei Yoshida, we are also waiting for several moving moments. You are ready?

Death Stranding has entered the Gold phase and will be available starting November 8th.