Steam: 30% commission on sales is now the standard for the digital market

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As we know, Steam retains a percentage of 30% for every game sold, leaving the remaining 70% to developers and publishers. Many have loudly asked Valve to lower this figure to align with Epic Games Store (12%) but the reality is that Steam percentages are aligned with the rest of the industry.

IGN UK has published a report that shows how other digital stores on PCs and consoles take the same percentage of Steam on sales, Epic Games has decided to lower its share of earnings and give more money to developers as part of a strategy commercial precise but it is clear that these figures cannot be sustainable in the long run.

According to reports, even GOG and Microsoft Store retain 30% of sales while the Humble Store reduces the percentage to 25%, the same 30% deduction even on the Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, App Store, and Google Play, as well as for physical stores like GameStop, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

The criticisms of Steam appear to be largely unjustified according to many, bearing in mind that the Valve marketplace is perfectly aligned with the standards of the digital industry, the complaints should, therefore, be extended to all other PC, mobile and console stores.